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All Things New ministers to people who desire real hope....who sense there is something more out there if they could just find it.....who are desperate.....who don't know where to turn to calm their soul...who are successful by all standards, but don't know that they are directly in the path of a freight train....

We bring the message of truth, hope, peace, and future through a blend of music, Scripture, and personal testimonies.

You'll find us:

~ leading worship in churches, at conferences, and for retreats
~ ministering through music at special events
~ speaking and sharing music in various settings, whether large or small
~ providing outside concerts

From a soloist with an engaging testimony, to duos, trios, or larger ensembles to fit the vision and purpose of your service or event, we provide as God calls.

All Things New is here for YOU.....and for the people you love and serve.

We offer Christian music proclaiming the truth of real hope.  We believe the message and we care about you.

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