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Posted by [email protected] on May 14, 2016 at 11:40 PM

Today was the first community picnic held by Union Church in North Beach, Md.  The focus was, as it's name says, the "community".  All things were done to reach out and show love and care to the community and neighbors around this beach town church.

You see, this church didn't just decide to bewail the situation in the world and in their community.  It decided to not just complain that "somebody" should do something. 

They decided to "DO something."

They prayed.  They planned.  They prepared.  They came (to support their church and serve together).  And best of all, "they" came.  "They" being the community.  They walked past and heard the music, saw the signs and the huge moonbounce, saw the festive tables set out, and they could see something big was going on.  And they watched....from a distance.  Some walking past on the other side of the road for an hour or two.  But then....

They crossed the street.

They came into the church grounds and enjoyed a delicious free meal.

They sat and listened to the music declaring Jesus Christ as Lord, and His glorious gospel.

They said they'd come back to visit on Sunday.

And for some.....they made a decision - a decision to seek God.....and for some, they made the best decision of all:  they chose to ask Christ to be their Savior.

Thanks to God's sovereign plan, His Spirit moving people's hearts, and Union Church's obedience.

They chose to "Do Something."

Now... will YOU?

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